June Is Here

Things have been crazy since I’ve been home, and I’m really glad that I’m back. Working at a bakery is still food service, but it’s so much better than fast food. And it has been nice to see family and friends, and to be back with my dog. It has been raining most of the time that I’ve been back, but that has been a nice change from the mid to high 90’s that I left behind in Tucson. It was shocking to go from the 90’s to the 60’s, but the weather is steadily improving, so no complaints here.

It’s so green in Michigan that it was a shock to come home at first. Even when it’s dark and rainy, everything is so much brighter than it is in Tucson. Getting outside is also easier, since it isn’t boiling hot outside. We went on the boat yesterday and it was so beautiful.

Jon is in town and it has been really fun showing him around the city and exploring with him. I’ve enjoyed showing him my favorite places and going places that I haven’t really been before. It’s a nice change to the normal routine that I’ve had here in the past. It also means that I’ve been taking a break from my laptop, so I haven’t really been keeping up with my blog or anything. He has had the chance to meet a lot of my family over the weekend, and it’s been great to see them and to introduce him to them. I’m glad that they get along and everyone kept telling me how much they like him. He even made his famous fried chicken and BBQ sauce after graduation yesterday and it was great.


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